Meet Me!

Well hey there! My name is Summer and I am headed, blue eyed,  20-something, southern charm the socks right off of ya, mouth like a sailor, free-thinker, sweet tea obsessing, want to be runner, storm chasing, weather geeking, Tarheel, Boomer Sooner, proud aunt, sarcastic, smart-ass, bossy, loyal to my core, race car loving, dog loving, Redbull sipping, procrastinating, super fast driving, not backing down from a fight...kinda girl! Did I leave anything out? 

I obsessive over

- Tarheel Basketball
- Sooner Football
- Starbucks
- Graveyards
- my iPhone
- Peyton Manning
- My dog
- Checking the radar
- Daydreaming

I am afraid of

- Fire
- Open bodies of water
- Snakes
- The Dark 

I am a Weather Analyst/Storm Chaser and a full-time student. I have/ am attending The University of Oklahoma and The University of North Carolina. 

Need to know anything else? Feel free to ask! 

Tell me who you love and I will tell you who you are -  Arsène Houssaye